Four Legs

by Big Bear and Big Thunder

narrated by Thomas J. George

"Thunder Speaker -- Indn. name of Old Dandy -- his earlier name in the prime of life Hoo-tcope-kah [Hujopka] -- or Four-Legs: After a noted speech of great power he [acquired] the name of Thunder Speaker -- He was the most noted hero of his tribe -- in many fights -- once in [the] town of Lemonweis 4 [miles] from Mauston S.E., he hid in [a] tree for 3 days to evade U. S. soldiers searching to capture him. About 5 feet 10 1/2 ins. high -- weighing about 190 lbs., broad shoulders, muscular. He was the orator of his tribe -- [he] had no equal."1

Four Legs' Village on Doty Island, 1830

Commentary. "Thunder Speaker" — the attempts to render the name "Thunder Speaker" in Hocąk were unintelligible. One version is Cun-cah-ychei-kah (for Wakąjait’eka ?).

"Lemonweis" — this is Lemonweir.

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1 Thomas J. George, Winnebago Vocabulary, 4989 Winnebago (Washington: Smithsonian Institution, National Anthropological Archives, 1885) p. 96. Informants: Big Bear of Friendship, Wisconsin, and Big Thunder.