Little Thunder

by John Fireman

Hocąk-English Interlinear Text by George Ricehill

BAE 37: 66
John Fireman

"My brother Little Thunder when he went hunting would fire his gun a lot. Father went in that direction. "It is heavy, for that reason you must help him," [he said to himself]. He met him. He was coming with Little Thunder carrying a deer. Carrying it got to him. It was very heavy, and so he couldn't carry it. For that reason he gave it back to him. He came home carrying it himself."1

Since this is not a myth, there are no links, stories, or themes.


1 John Fireman, "A Tale about Little Thunder," translated by George Ricehill, in Paul Radin, Winnebago Notebooks, Freeman #3892 (Philadelphia: American Philosophical Society, 1909?) Winnebago III, #11a, Story I, p. 72.