Omaha and Hocąk Clans Compared

Omaha Hocąk Comment
Moiety Clan Subclan Division Clan Subclan
Hañgacenu Wejiⁿcte, Elk     Elk    
Iñke-sabĕ, Black Shoulder, a buffalo clan     Buffalo    
Hañga, Ancestral, or Foremost, a buffalo clan        
¢atada, meaning uncertain

Wasabĕ-hit‘ajĭ, Touch not the Skin of a Black Bear (Bear people)

Wasabe, Black Bear Bear Black Bear  
Maⁿtcu, Grizzly Bear Gray or Blue (Grizzly) Bear  
Miʞa, Raccoon -    
Pahiⁿ, Porcupine -    
Wajiñga ¢atajĭ, Eat
no Small Birds, Bird people.
- Pigeon   Cf. the Missouria Small Bird Clan
Hawk Hawk    
Owl and Magpie   The Chiwere Owl Clans correspond to the Hocąk Hawk Clan
Blackbird - -  
Thunder Thunder    
ʞe-‘iⁿ, Carry a Turtle on the Back, Turtle people.   Waterspirit?    
ʞaⁿze, Wind people.   -    
Ictasanda Maⁿ¢iñka-gaxe, Earth-Lodge Makers, Coyote and Wolf people.     Wolf    
ʇe-sĭnde, Buffalo Tail; a buffalo calf clan     Buffalo?    
Iñg¢e-jide, Red Dung, a buffalo calf clan        
ʇa-da, Deer Head, a deer clan     Deer    
Ictasanda, meaning uncertain ("Gray Eyes" ?), Reptile Thunder people. Real Thunder people   Thunder   Ictasanda refers to effect of lightning on the eyes
Real Ictasanda people   -    
Keepers of the Pipe   -    
Reptile people   Snake    
  -     Eagle    
  -     Fish    

Cf. for other comparisons to Hocąk clans, see Winnebago-Chiwere Clan System, Quapah Origins, Quapah-Winnebago-Chiwere Clans, and Osage and Hocąk Clans Compared.


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