Osage and Hocąk Clans Compared

Osage Hocąk Comment
Moiety Clan Subclan Clan Subclan
Sky People Sky -  
Elder Sky -  
Gentle Sky  
Wolf Wolf  
Sun Carrier - The Sun Carrier and the Night Clans might correspond to the Hocąk Hawk Clan and its equivalent, the Chiwere Owl Clan.
Last Sky  
Last to Come - The Hocągara say that the Wolf-Dog was the last to come, the Osage say the opposite.
Men of Mystery Thunderbird, Hawk The Men of Mystery are also called "Thunder People," and one of their life symbols is the cloudy region of the sky.
Buffalo-Bull Buffalo The Buffalo Clan among the Hocągara is associated with the Thunder Clan, the clan of the chief, by virtue of being his town criers.
Earth People Land People -  
Eagle Eagle Eagles are caught by hunters concealed in pits.
Bear   Bear    
White Bear White Bear  
Puma -  
Metal Bunched  
Elk Elk  
Crawfish -  
Isolated Earth -  
Isolated Earth Snake The Osage clan has the bull snake, spreading adder, black snake, and rattlesnake, and additionally, the spider, buffalo bull, and red boulder, as their life symbols.
Water People - Foster also recorded a division of the Lower Moiety of the Hocągara between Land and Water people.
Elder Water -  
White Water    
Puma in the Water Waterspirit A common form of Waterspirit is the Underwater Panther, which "Puma in the Water" seems to denote.
Gentle Ponca -  
Deer Deer  
Cattail -  
Clear the Way  
Bow (Fish People) Fish  
- Hawk See the comment above.

Cf. for other comparisons to Hocąk clans, see Winnebago-Chiwere Clan System, Quapah Origins, and Quapah-Winnebago-Chiwere Clans, and Omaha and Hocąk Clans Compared.


Garrick Bailey, The Osage and the Invisible World: From the Works of Francis La Flesche (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 1995) 36-41.