Silver Mound Cave

retold by Richard L. Dieterle

This has been described as "A small cave or rockshelter at the head of a small valley at Silver Mound, the well known site of preistoric and early Indian quartzite near Black River Falls in Jackson County [Wisconsin]."1 A map of Silver Mound by Charles E. Brown can be seen below:


Silver Mount Cave was the den of a giant wildcat who was the guardian spirit of the silver believed to be entombed within the hill. Only on rare occasions was the wildcat ever seen, but many had seen his huge footprints in the winter snow.2

Commentary. D. M. Brown tells us, "From another mound, at a safe distance from Silver Mound, the French trader and explorer, Pierre Charles LeSuer ... hunting for mineral sources, is supposed to have watched hostile Indians, bearing away from Silver Mound, bags containing what he thought from its glitter, to be silver ore. These Indian mines he is supposed to have later returned to explore with a group of miners whom he brought from France." This is the mound where "white men have for many, many years fruitlessly dug and quarried."3

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